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asean member flagAll 10 countries in the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, agreed in establishing the ASEAN Community in order to promote cooperation among ASEAN member countries in a variety of aspects such as economy, society, culture, science, education, environment, among others. Moreover, it also aims to develop stability and security in the region and build political negotiating power with the world powers and regional groups.

Currently, both the public and private sectors in Thailand are ready to enter the ASEAN Community. The Secretariat of the Senate acting as the Secretariat of the National Legislative Assembly, which has the duty to support Members of the National Legislative Assembly with legislative work, realizes the changes when Thailand enters the ASEAN Community, especially Thai legislative procedures that will need to be adjusted in order to conform with legislative work and other obligations of ASEAN that will affect the administration of state affairs and the life of the people in the society. sub-committee meeting The Commission of Information and Communication Technology of the National Legislative Assembly, chaired by Mr. Surachai Liengboonlertchai, has initiated a collection of ASEAN legal information in a database for the benefit of legislative work that will include servicing the people. This action has been steered by the Sub-Committee on Legal Data Collection of ASEAN Member Countries as the Sub-Committee has divided the database into three categories as follows;

  • ASEAN Members Constitutions
  • ASEAN Legal Instruments
  • ASEAN Members Legislations

Various legal information in ASEAN has been collected and publicized to the public through the website “” for interested people to search for legal information of Thailand and ASEAN member countries.

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