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Meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Justice for Building Common Understanding on the Creation of Legal Infographics of ASEAN Member Countries

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8 th September 2016

At the Government Complex Commemorating His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary, Chaeng Watthana Road, Associate Professor Nareewan Chintakanond, a representative of the Sub-Committee on Legal Data Collection of ASEAN Member Countries, the National Legislative Assembly, had a meeting for building common understanding on the collection of legal data in the form of infographics with the representatives of the Ministry of Justice. The Sub-Committee representative was welcomed by Mr. Somn Promaros, Principal Advisor on Policy and Justice Administration, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, along with officials and representatives from different agencies, including Department of Probation, Rights and Liberties Protection Department, Legal Execution Department, Department of Corrections, Department of Special Investigation, Office of Justice Affairs, Central Institute of Forensic Science, Office of the Narcotics Control Board, Justice Fund Office, Director of Information Technology and Communication Center, Ministry of Justice and Legal Department, Ministry of Justice. In this meeting, participants considered a framework for the cooperation and the direction of legal data collection which the general public are interested in for creating infographic data on ASEAN member legal data website.